The Year in Review: The best pro athlete blogs of 2009

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Rider submitted blogs and photos went off this year! Here are some of our favorites, Enjoy...

1. Alaska - Deeper, Mt McConkey
"I have never been one to name first descents, but now that I am hiking and riding these unnamed and unclimbed peaks, I have started to name the special ones. Since Shane’s death, I have been looking for one for him. "
This is a very cool story about Jeremy's first decent down Mt. McConkey, a mountain he named. RIP Shane.

2. Boston Rocks!
1900 fans from Red Sox Nation welcome TGR at the new House of Blues. Boston was the official epicenter of the North East Re:Session film tour. 1900 Fans showed up at the newly created House of Blues. Skis were given away, and we set a new record for alcohol sales. We emptied them of their PBR reserves like only TGR can do.

3. Summer Sucks, Winter Rules! Part 1- Adam Clark photo Essay
An epic photo story that follows Sage, Tanner, Seth, Dash, Dana, Wiley, Cody through some incredible locales. From Silverton, Alagna, Italy, Utah, and Haines, AK; Adam shares his visions of snow from all over the world.

4. Alaska - Deeper: A Dream Day
"Today was the pinnacle of a lifetime of snowboarding for me."
Jeremy recounts an incredibly intense day in the Alaska backcountry. He pushed his skills and comfort level to be rewarded with mountain riding on a level he has never done before.

5. Stevens Pass Day 5: Sammy Carlson rolls into town
After a few crew injuries it was good to see Sammy Carlson show up at Stevens pass in Washington. Sammy and the Stevens Pass park crew dreamed up a feature of 4 barrells welded together hanging over a gap. Sammy was throwing 360 tap to 360, cab 540 bonk, 180 bonk to 540, straight bonk to 360, basically: Incredible footage and incredible riding.

6. Last Frontier Heliskiing: Oakley and TGR session in Canada
"We saw endless amounts of mountains and lines that will take years of work to shred. The province of British Columbia in general is big and raw. Flying home on a sunny day is jaw dropping."
"To watch Tanner, Seth, Dana, and Kye session together is unreal. I only hope our cameras can touch, if only for a brief moment, the magnitude of what these guys do."
Todd Jones recounts a trip to British Columbia with the crew.

7. Deeper in Antarctica: Jeremy and Xavier score a trophy line

In this dispatch from Antartica, Jeremy describes what he calls a "two-axe day" meaning it was a day to be on his toes. The crew finds a face that has everyone shaking in their boots, but Jeremy's philosophy of 'climbing what you ride' eases all the tension.

8. April AK Sessions Continue
"It has snowed somewhere between 8 and 12 feet in April so far in Haines."
Enough said! Dana Flahr is skiing with what he calls the dream team: Tanner, Sage, and Seth. From the pictures it is obvious this crew did not take all that snow for granted.

9. Sage Cattabriga-Alosa pho toe see lects
Sage highlights some of his favorite photos taken from the season. All straight from Sage's camera, its a good insiders look to the stories behind the lines.

10. Deeper goes steep in Europe.

"I took Xav and Jeremy 10 hours to reach the summit. What a mission! Finally around 8am they were ready to drop in this 45-50 degree face with 300 meter cliff drop on the riders' right side. A moment later we were watching two beautiful lines on Aiguille de l'amone."
The deeper crew, hearing the snow chatter, decide to meet up in the French Alps.

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