They're Skiing Ten Feet of Fresh Powder in AK

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There aren’t too many places in North America where you can ski in October, and if you are skiing it’s likely on a man-made strip of snow. Clearly nobody told the folks up at Silverton Mountain Guides in Seward, AK, because they’ve been skiing fresh pow since September.

Notice the massive low pressure system sitting over SW Alaska. NOAA graphic.

Over the past week a low pressure system moving over SW Alaska dropped several inches of rain at sea level -- and roughly 10 feet of snow at elevation. Yes, you read that right: 10 feet. NOAA can predict whatever they like; Alaska plays by different rules.

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The poor folks at SMGAK have more snow than they know what to do with- just look at them trying to break trail in the above Instagram post. It’s a tough job, but I guess someone has to do it.

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