This Family Shows How Skiing Alaska is More Than Just Rowdy Lines

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For pro skier turned heli ski guide Reggie Crist, shredding the steeps of Alaska is an annual dream come true. After his first trip riding the mountains around Haines with TGR in the late 90’s, he immediately knew it was somewhere he needed to return to.

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These days, after more than two decades of skiing around Haines, Crist has found a new passion: sharing the joy with his family. Every winter, he makes the annual pilgrimage North, bringing along his family, including a son and two daughters to share in the experience. For his kids, the experience is something they look forward to every spring with giddy anticipation. For Crist, finding a way to share his passion for the mountains with loved ones is a natural progression.

“For most people, Alaska is a place where only the extreme skiers go, but in reality, the vast majority of the mountains aren’t actually that gnarly,” says Crist. While Haines might be the Spine Capital of the Universe, there is plenty more to explore. This past winter, he shared a heli drop three generations of his family: himself, his 79-year-old father, and his six-year-old daughter.

That experience made him want to tell a further story, captured in the short film by Stellar Media which shows AK through a unique lens: the eyes of his daughter Stevie.

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