This Human Powered Season Edit Gets Us Pumped!

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This is my first season edit! Hope you like it! Here's a little back story on the season... In April 2014 I purchased my first split board. Instantly fell in love.. For years I had been boot packing in the backcountry, struggling while ski tourers passed me by and yelled at me as i boot packed the skin track. After a few filming sessions that spring (See season 1 www videos.) Tom Lebsack at Rossignol reached out to offer our crew free split boards and promo.. It was on!With the help of Rossi and Tom we spent the 14/15 season filming lines in the Wasatch and Alaska!

Even though it was the worst season ever in Utah. We still had a blast filming and riding some insane lines.. Here are some of the Highlights of my season..edge of the world, heart of darkness, Rampage, wolverine cirque, Haines Pass to name a few. We are still learning so much as a crew. 14/15 was crazy and so much fun. We really had to learn what filming in the backcountry is like on our own.

I am so grateful for Croshane Hillyard for his dedication to filming our crazy adventures. So so soo many times he sat in some cold windy places for hours on end, while we climbed and rode the lines of our dreams. Here's a HUGE thanks to you buddy! You killed it CRO! As for next 15/16 season we will continue to film and push our personal limits safely in the backcountry. So stay tuned for the new season of WWW. Contact info: James Buehler, or, @james_couloir on instagram,

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