This New App Will Change Backcountry Travel

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Today, Avatech launches the Avanet web and mobile platform, the first crowd-sourced platform for sharing mountain safety information. Avanet allows anyone in our mountain community, from backcountry skiers, to snowmobilers to mountaineers to snow professionals to share their observations, plan their routes, and enjoy the mountains more safely.

Avanet has a number of features:

Crowdsourced mountain safety information - Learn from real-time observations of your community and share your own observations to help others

Route planning & mobile tracking - Plan and track routes and share with friends and colleagues to improve group communication and learning

Terrain visualization - Use terrain visualization to help you think about what terrain is appropriate for the day

Packaged to serve the most appropriate mountain user, the Avanet mobile and web app is available in three versions: Avanet, Avanet Tour and Avanet Pro. Avanet is a complimentary version for recreational backcountry travelers and includes such features as basic topographical and aerial maps, tour tracking and public access to data. Avanet Tour ($5 per month) includes additional features like terrain visualization and route planning. Avanet Pro ($10 per month) is the most feature-rich platform designed for professionals like ski patrol, guides, and forecasters, and includes such tools as professional route planning, professional-grade observation sharing, pro data access and sharing and more.

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