This Snowboard Is Made From A Jack Daniel's Barrel

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"Every Third Thursday", for those who do not know is Signal Snowboard's monthly web-series where founder Dave Lee unleashes his creativity on the world of board design. His snowboard builds have run the gamut, from Candy boards to ones that shoot paintballs. Lee has really become the Willy Wonka of ridiculous snowboards.

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This episode of ETT sent him to the home of Tennessee whiskey, the Jack Daniels factory. After learning more about the process of turning bourbon into the famous old number seven, Lee took a handful of old barrels for his next build. By lashing the boards from the barrels, he was able to both build a core and one badass top sheet.

To finish the test Dave headed to Mammoth, where no other than John Jackson was there to test the board. Shredding the spring snow was style and grace not usually found when indulging in the spirit itself.

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