Throwback: Angel Collinson Annihilates Alaska in 'Paradise Waits'

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Angel Collinson has been in quite a few TGR films—seven, to be exact—and for good reason. She is a fearless skier, unafraid to charge on even the steepest lines. As a case in point, her Alaska segment in 2015's Paradise Waits makes it clear that she is willing and able to tackle just about anything.

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Alaskan heli-skiing is regarded with mingled fear and admiration by all. The sheer scale and exposure demand respect from even the most seasoned of skiers and riders. It's been said that it takes at least a few days to adjust to the terrain before one can really open up the throttle. We imagine that it probably takes more than just a few days before you can ski Alaskan spines like Angel Collinson.

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