Throwback: Few Words—The Genesis of Candide Thovex

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At the age of 36, one might expect Candide Thovex to be an elder-statesman of skiing—a living legend comfortably resting upon his considerable laurels. In a sport where the risks to life and limb are omnipresent, few skiers can stay at the sport's pinnacle for an entire decade, much less two decades. However, Candide apparently has no interest in resting on his laurels, nor is he letting over two decades of skiing at a professional level slow him down.

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Few Words is the perfect title for a film about Candide. Despite maintaining superstar status in the ski world for over two decades, he has still managed to keep a low profile. Luckily for those wanting to know more about Candide's journey, Few Words does a great job shedding some light on the enigmatic phenom's roots and story.

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