Throwback: Young Tim Durtschi Tears Up the Backcountry

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Tim Durtschi has been a fixture in TGR films since his first appearance in 2012's The Dream Factory. In the years before TGR, Durtschi had appeared in other companies' films, including 2009's Every Day is a Saturday by Poor Boyz Productions. Featuring a cast stacked with the likes of Simon Dumont, Tanner Hall, Jossi Wells, and Gnarly Charley Ager, EDIAS helped put Tim on the map as a fearless backcountry charger.

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The combination of Durtschi's colorful outfit and the Deadmau5 soundtrack firmly anchors this segment in the late 2000s, but the skiing is timeless. Backcountry dub-9s and 10s abound, and Tim's switch landings might give Nick McNutt a run for his money.

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