Tim Durtschi's Full Award Winning Segment from Way of Life

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The premiere and subsequent world tour for Almost Ablaze is only days away we're firing up the stoke with Tim Durtschi’s award winning segment from Way of Life.

Best male performance? Although this sounds like an award bestowed by the adult entertainment industry, Tim Durtschi scored this accolade last December in the Powder Awards for his part in TGR’s Way of Life. Whether dropping pillows in B.C. or spinning into spine lines in Alaska, Durtschi was on a rampage. Needless to say, we’re stoked to roll out his full part from the film.

Check out Durtschi in Almost Ablaze this fall. You can pre-order the movie and buy tour tickets here.

The Almost Ablaze film tour kicks off with the world premiere this Saturday, September 13, at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort! Head over to the film page to watch the official trailer and purchase tickets for the tour stop nearest you.

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