Top 10: Caption Contest

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Drawing by Geoff Balkman

Recently we posted the drawing above by Geoff Balkman on our Facebook page challenging our followers to create the best caption. After some playful internet banter between some disgruntled skiers and snowboarder we at TGR have compiled the top ten.

#10) “Jersey City on Holiday”- Christian W Dietzel

#9) “Skiers getting in the way as usual”- Chris Wagner

#8) “Grommets gone wild.”- Jim Whalley

#7) “Screw this guy! I’m going to Alta!”- Martin Laniel

#6) “Steezin is always in season!”- Jon O’Connell

#5) “Tree well bait.”- E.J. May

#4) “Dude, he’s sponsored!”- Marty Morgan

#3) “Breckenridge”- Andrew Rudacille

#2) “Bro brah bro brah bro brah”- Joel Miskolcze

#1) “Lets play a little game called just the tips”- Nick Watts

Honorable mentions:

“Cartman goes boarding”- Derek Welch

“You dudes seen a lift around here?”- Brian Houdek

“Dude! Keep your skis off the bottom of my board. I just tuned it!”- Steven R. Williams

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