Valdez Dreams: TGR Tees Off On Thompson Pass

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For the past few weeks, Teton Gravity Research has been in Valdez, Alaska, filming a segment for its next movie, The Dream Factory. The following blog post comes from TGR cinematographer Dan Gibeau. All photos by Mark Fisher. The five-day haul from Jackson, Wyoming, to Valdez, Alaska, is a treacherous mid-winter slog on The Alaska Highway. With gas stations located hundreds of miles apart, the only respite from being in the car for that long is Liard Hot Springs — an oasis located about 1,200 miles into the 2,800-mile drive. With snowmachines in tow, skiers Griffin Post and Todd Ligare made the trek successfully. Snowboarder Ralph Backstrom flew in to Anchorage and met the boys at Robe Lake Lodge. The crew has been sledding everyday: scouting lines, getting shots on pillows and hiking for big lines. Josh Swierk of Black Ops Valdez has been guiding us around to the goods and the snow we’ve found has been all time. Valdez has been getting hammered with snow. Thompson Pass has gotten 614 inches so far this season, which has allowed Griffin, Todd and Ralph to tee off. To top that, we just had two days of blue right when it was time to get in the heli. TGR is the first group to fly in Valdez this year. It was just the crew, the heli and an endless expanse of mountains as far as the eye could see. The boys had free reign. The snow was incredible. Deep pow on AK faces and fast slough. Needless to say, we made some movie magic. Check it out this fall in our next feature film, “The Dream Factory.” Griffin Post and Todd Ligare, stoked to start their journey to Alaska. Only 2,799 miles to go. Griffin Post can't wait to get to Liard Hot Springs. Ahhhhhhhh. On the road again. The Promised Land. The Valley Of The Tusk is seen from Thompson Pass in Valdez, Alaska. Griffin Post skis Thompson Pass. Scoping some bigger lines. Valdez at night. Todd Ligare hikes in Valdez. Ligare airs. Up up and away. Higher and higher.

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