Video: 2019 Red Bull Cape Fear Results and Replay

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The stair step of a wave at Shipstern’s Bluff kept things spicy at this year's Red Bull Cape Fear event. A few of the surfers couldn’t handle the Tasmanian slab and were chewed up and spit out by the waters. According to Surfer Today, Mark Mathews had a brutal wipeout and potentially broke his foot after getting tangled up in a jet-ski tow strap. Nathan Florence, however, had no problem taming the beastly double-overhead barrel, doing so without even needing a jet-ski tow. That's right—the Hawaiian did it all via under his own power.

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Florence’s combined score of 15.16 points was not only enough to edge out James Hollmer-Cross’ perfect 10, but win the event. On top of snagging the coveted Red Bull Cape Fear title, this is also the first surfing competition Florence has ever won. All in all, it was an exciting return to one of the most intense big wave competitions out there. Check out the full results and highlights here:

Final Results

1. Nathan Florence - 15.16
2. Laurie Towner - 14.10
3. Justin Allport - 10.93
4. James Hollmer-Cross - 10.00
5. Michael Brennan - 6.50

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