Video: Andrew Whiteford Skis a Gnarly Line on Cody Peak

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"The lines between pro and local dark horse talent have always been blurry. Stoked to see the motivated local crushers sending the big lines this winter with hard earned skill and creativity." - Jimmy Chin

Cody Peak has always inspired skiers to push their limits. Easily visible from the top of Jackson Hole's tram, you can see skiers take on relatively-mellow lines like No Shadows and Powder Eights. Perhaps there will even be a couple of attempts on more difficult lines, like the Central Couloir or Pucker Face.

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Then, a few times a season, when conditions are perfect, you might spot tracks left over from someone trying a truly boundary-pushing line. Examples include BASE-jumping Talk is Cheap or hucking off Igneous Rocks. Earlier this season, Andrew Whiteford, a prominent local ripper, skied Talk-to-Central, a rarely-attempted, extremely high-consequence line. Lucky for us, there were drone and POV-shots of his descent.

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