Video: Backcountry Road Trips in Montana Never Looked Better

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What happens when you load up a car full of skiers and filmmakers for a winter road trip through Montana? It looks a bit like this: PB&Js for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cold smoke powder, and one smelly backcountry cabin in the middle of the woods. At least, that's how this group of pals does it for their short film Roadside Attractions.

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The winter edit is part one of Benshi Creative’s latest winter web series Before Tomorrow. Their mission is simple: celebrate winter to its fullest. Well, and maybe find a few couches to kindly poach along the way. "It's been a dream come true,” explained skier Cam Daley. “Who knows where the next storm will land us, but...can we sleep on your couch?”

Where’s next for our ragtag crew? Only conditions will tell. Benshi Creative Photo.

“We’ve already spent over 20 hours in a car together, a week in a cabin, and broken a few snowmobiles, and it’s only January,” explained producer and cinematographer Caleb Chicoine. Mind you, this was all just for episode 1. With two more segments in the hopper, we can’t wait to see what shenanigans they’ll come up with next.

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