Video: Blair Habenicht Powder Snowboarding In Alaska And Washington

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Very few people get to hop on a heli once a year in Haines Alaska and ride the worlds most magical mountains. You either have to be extremely dedicated, rich or one of the best snow sliders in the world. Blair Habenicht is not rich. Blair's antics emulate his belated cousin, Northwest shred legend Scott Stamnes. Live life to the fullest, enjoy everyday, every minute, every second. When it's good, get after it. When it's dry - skate, when it's puking - snowboard, and when there's tubes - surf. Unfortunately, we can't show you Blair's triple S threat, but we can show you the snowboard portion of it. From AK to the Northwest, Blair and Absinthe Films gets after it.

Blair in Gaelic means “Boy in the Field” Haben is “to have” nicht means “nothing”
Boy In the fields has nothing.

Lib Tech believes this boy in the field actually has something.

Follow Blair on the Instagram - @blair_h

Edit - Eric Brandt

Blair rides for Lib-Tech snowboards, made in the USA near Canada. Order one Now!

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