Video: Candide's Sketchy Drop In

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It would appear that Candide Thovex has returned to snow, which is a bit of an anomaly for him these days. We’ve become so accustomed to him carving into ocean waves and along the rainbow mountains that seeing him on the side of a snowy slope feels almost jarring. But of course, Thovex doesn’t touch anything—whether it be snow, water, or dirt—unless he’s able to do it in his distinctive insane style.

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For example, a “sketchy drop in” to Thovex feels like a 30-foot huck to the rest of us peasants. After floating through the air for a couple seconds, he stomps the landing.

Or, let’s talk about what he considers feasible line “options." Apparently, a sheer vertical wall of snow and rocks seems ideal—but don’t worry he’s gives it a good pole whacking before dropping in. Shane McConkey would be real proud.

You’re a nut Candide, but we love you for it.

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