Video: Leo Taillefer Clownin' Around at Valmorel

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Leo Taillefer's new video has a lot going on. Per the video's description, which honestly isn't very helpful: "It’s time to go back to Val d’Isère, but Lao the clown has others plan apparently! He turns on the way to Valmorel ski resort, because another clown, the famous Eliot Nochez, he’s waiting for us. Still being hold behind my truck, I see our new acrobat coming to meet us by the airs. It seems he wants to show us his place by his own perspective, a last training before the Léo’s Invitational!!!"

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Make sense to you? Us neither. At any rate, the video features some absolutely mental paragliding, including a scene where a skier hangs on a paraglider's ski at least a hundred feet off the ground. Sketchy stuff, but undeniably impressive.

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