Video: Maine Bro Returns Home to Sunday River

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"Ripping it out wicked haaard!" After hitting Utah's Olympic Park and Whistler, Maine bro Donny Pelletier returned home to celebrate White Heat's 30th anniversary. After all, his family "has a long history of friggin' straight lining down it."

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Highlights include:

- "Jeezus bub, you friggin' kiddin' me? You see these skis guys? They're friggin' race cars."

- "You familiar with that fella Troy Murphy? No? He's an Olympian or somethin'."

- "Tone it down? I've only got six gears full pin."

- "Don't mind that bub, it's just for ventilation."

Fun fact: the Maine bro character is actually Troy Murphy, Olympic Mogul Skier.

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