Video: Mark McMorris Lands First Ever Front Board Double Cork 1170 Off Rail

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What’s Mark McMorris up to now? The two-time olympic medalist has long been known for pushing the boundaries of the sport, and he isn’t stopping anytime soon. Last season he traveled to Piz Corvatsch, Switzerland to add another notch in his belt: the Front board double cork 1170. Basically, it's a whole lot of rotation coming off of a rail. Joined with him in his pursuit is a stacked crew, his brother Craig McMorris and Judd Henkes. There’s a reason why this trick has never been stomped, it’s insanely difficult. But if there’s anything McMorris has learned from his career, is that when it’s a battle, it only makes the achievement even more satisfying.

The insanity takes place at two minutes and eight seconds.

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