Video: Meet the Patrol Dogs of Jackson Hole

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While deep snow and steep pitches are some of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort’s most valued attributes, they can also cause major problems, like avalanches. Normally, JHMR ski patrol’s extensive experience and a healthy dose of dynamite mitigates any danger. Once in a blue moon, however, there is an in-bounds slide. When that happens, rapidly locating and excavating buried victims is the key to a positive outcome. In those critical moments when an extra few minutes of searching and digging can mean the difference between life and death, JHMR Ski Patrol relies on their team’s cutest and most energetic members: Patrol dogs.

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In addition to being some of the hardest working dogs in the industry, these pups are adorable. If you ever see them on the hill make sure to say thanks, unless, of course, they’re in the middle of a rescue.

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