Video: See Nicolas Müller's "Drink Water" Initiative in Action

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If there’s anything to take away from Nicolas Müller’s career, it’s that he’s used snowboarding as a medium for self expression, most notably up in Alaska where he’s painted lines on countless spines. Now Müller wishes to use snowboarding to leave an even greater mark on the world. When he released his biographical film, Fruition, Müller donated five percent of his crowdfunding proceeds towards building water wells in Africa.

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Travis Rice ended up purchasing the $5000 Drink Water Senegal perk, and the money has already been put to good use. Episode one of the short film series, Where we Roam, follows Müller’s journey off the mountain and into Senegal, Africa to help with the water project.

Also check out the trailer for Fruition, the film that brought this project to life:

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