Video: Sven Kueenle Hits Heavy Slough - TGR Perspectives Episode 1

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In Perspectives Episode 1, Teton Gravity Research shows that its new series is here to stay. Sven Kueenle battles heavy slough careening down the face as he fights his way down his line. Watch and be amazed as Sven stays on his feet.

Every season hundreds of hours of footage comes back from the field to TGR World Headquarters. It is first passed to the loggers, then to the editors, then shaped into a final edit, with only a small percentage of footage making it into the film or one of our webisodes, Behind The Line and Almost Live.

This winter we dug through the archives from last year’s film, One For The Road, and crafted a 6 episode series called Perspectives. The first 3 episodes will be on our recently remodeled YouTube Channel and we’ll release 3 more via YouTube each Thursday for the next 3 weeks. Every piece of content that we produce will be going to our new channel on a regular schedule, so do yourself a favor, subscribe to the channel, and never miss your favorite TGR content. We’ll have featured content, as well as a selection of our favorite playlists.

Perspectives is a selection of memorable lines skied by athletes Griffin Post, Erik Roner, Sage Cattabriga-Alosa, and Sven Kueenle. Enjoy these easy to digest gems from the epic winter of 2010-2011.

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