Video: Tele Duo Starts Grassroots Media Outfit - Beans And Rice Freeride

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Jake Sakson and Paul Kimbrough traded victories on the telemark freeskiing circuit for years and their fluid big mountain skiing is a cornerstone of the Powderwhore films. They moved to Driggs, ID in November, 2012 to build on synergy they found in the backcountry and explore the vast Teton range. The result, Beans and Rice Freeride is a grassroots media outfit sprouted from their collaboration.

Beans and Rice Freeride is about skiing for fun; from powder to boilerplate, leather boots to plastic, Jake and Paul want to share this passion. They spent all their money on a nice camera, so they live in a basement and eat rice and beans. In a mainstream ski industry powered by jet fuel and crab, Jake and Paul demonstrate that with hard work and a bit of pain tolerance anyone can ski the lines of their dreams.

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