Video: TGR Pays Tribute To Steve Jobs

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October 6, 2011 Teton Gravity Research owes a lot to Steve Jobs. For one, the entire company runs on Apple Inc. products. The devices he developed are essential to the films we make, the website we run and the clothes we produce. The iPhone, a tool he helped create, changed the way we communicate forever. When Jobs passed away yesterday at the age of 56 after battling with pancreatic cancer, the world lost one of its greatest innovators. He will be missed. During Jobs' 2008 Macworld Conference & Expo presentation — one of the most anticipated technology events of the year — Jobs chose to feature a Teton Gravity Research HD podcast to demonstrate how Apple TV works. It was a clip from "Lost And Found" of Erik Roner ski-BASE jumping off the Cajun Coliour at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. Jobs showed the clip and the crowd went wild. We went nuts. This was huge for TGR. It seemed like the entire world was watching this presentation. And Steve Jobs could have chosen any clip he wanted, but he chose ours. Not to mention, he said it was cool. That was cool. So cool. Watch the clip and relive the moment. Thanks, Steve Jobs.

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