Video: 'The Fifty' Team Breaks Down a Remote Backcountry Rescue

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Cody Townsend and Bjarne Salen's The Fifty, a series in which they are attempting to climb and ski every line detailed in 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America, is both inspiring and harrowing. A major theme in each episode is risk management, as just about every line involves significant uncertainty and danger. Cody does an excellent job explaining his rationale for nearly every decision made in the course of each prospective ascent and descent, lending the series an element of realism often lacking in extreme-skiing videos.

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Their regular discussion of potential consequences is lent indisputable credence by the follow-up to Episode 7's cliffhanger, in which Cody spots a skier falling down Joffre Peak's 60+ degree Central Couloir. Through rapid and well-thought-out action, Cody and Bjarne save the injured skier's life. Furthermore, the team explain their decision-making process, providing a valuable glimpse into how even pros can struggle to balance the complex factors at play during a remote backcountry rescue.

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