Video: These Sharks Hanging With Surfers Is Scary Cool

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Last week, SURFER published Brad Mommsen’s aerial video of sharks swimming beneath a group of surfers in Durban, South Africa – seemingly unbeknownst to the riders, among whom was Jordy Smith.

"As I changed my drone’s camera angle to face directly below it, the glare from the reflection of the sun went away and I got to see right through the water. The first shark sighting was like 'whoa’ and then I saw there were actually five different sharks all swimming around together. That was pretty gnarly,” Mommsen told SURFER in an interview.

The footage certainly makes my heart race, but all seems chill. As you watch, the sharks are doing their own thing. They’re perhaps inquisitive, but not threatening. Mommsen said to SURFER, “I've seen sharks here a lot. We all know they're there. It's like saying you're never going to step into nature because there are wild animals there.”

In that sense, this video is still terrifying, but also kinda beautiful.

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