Video: Tom Brady is "Going BIG" at The Yellowstone Club This Year

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Most of us have already seen the video of Tom Brady eating it off a small jump in the park at the Yellowstone Club. If you haven't, he does an in-depth review of what went wrong in the above Instagram post. However, it seems that he remains undeterred by his earlier failure, and is prepared to learn from his mistakes. Upon examining a video of Lindsey Vonn catching some serious air during a race, he concludes that he needs a "way bigger hill and way more speed."

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It seems like TB12 has got it figured out. With a big enough hill and plenty of speed there's nothing that could possibly go wrong. We wholeheartedly encourage Brady to go as big as possible. Skiers in the know are aware that "starting small" is a scare tactic perpetuated by FIS to keep amateur park skiers from reaching their full potential. If Tom is smart he'll start off with a switch triple 14 and progress from there.

It's clear that the FIS-paid trolls are out in force, discouraging Tom from expanding his horizons:

How much is FIS paying you, trolls? Instagram photo.

Despite the best efforts of skiing's evil overlords, Brady is resolved to huck himself, rebuking the naysayers in classic GOAT fashion:

Nice try, Gian-Franco Kaspar. Brady is immune to your influence! Instagram photo.

Even Jimmy Chin, the outdoor industry's version of a golden boy, is pushing Brady to launch:

If you can't trust Jimmy Chin, who can you trust? Dude just won an Oscar! Instagram photo.

Real skiers such as Julian Carr are encouraging Tom to reach for the stars, echoing our sentiments:

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