VIDEO: What it's Like to Photograph Thunderous Tahitian Waves Underwater

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Forging a career as an underwater surf photographer is, to put it lightly, a daunting task.

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If you want to photograph the best breaks in the world up close and personal, the job requires an immense amount of physical dedication. Shooters are required to constantly balance against hellish currents while swimming with bulky camera gear in hand and regularly have to wear one (or two) waves on the head as a price for their art. And now, with the explosion of social media, every every Joe Schmoe is trying his hand at underwater photography, making it even harder for pros to truly stand out from the crowd.

Even Thouard's more traditional surf photography is stunning. Ben Thouard photo.

Which is what makes Ben Thouard's career so fascinating.

The French surf photographer has created a style distinctively his own by finding a way to shoot landscape photographs through the face of a wave while positioned underwater. It wasn't easy, but through countless trial-and-error and a zealous devotion to surveying surf forecasts on his home island of Tahiti, Thouard has put together an absolutely stunning portfolio.

Having Tahiti as your canvas isn't so bad. Ben Thouard photo.

Watch as Thouard talks about his art in the newest short film from ROAM, and check out his site if you like what you see.

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