Vinnie Gagnier Needs to Ski More POW! - #65 Low Pressure Podcast

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Vinnie Gagnier in the LPP Studios

Photo: Mark Warner

Vincent (Vinnie) Gagnier was in Whistler, skiing and coaching on the Horstman Glacier up on Blackcomb Mountain earlier this summer so I asked him to come visit the LPP Studios for a beer and a chat!

Vinnie, an X Games gold medalist, grew up in Victoriaville, Quebec and is the youngest of 6 kids. For context, you may also know his brother Charles Gagnier, who is an X Games gold medalist in his own right. In this episode, Vinnie talks about growing up with Charles as a mentor in the sport as well as his family life away from skiing when it's time to rest the legs!

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Tune in and you'll hear how Vinnie gets prepared for big events like the X Games and the Fenway Park comp and how he decides what tricks to throw and how and when to do it. He also confides in us that he's never really gotten the chance to ski deep, blower pow!!! He did grow up back east. He is only 22. Still.... VINNIE! Dude! Let's make it happen this year! I see some face shots in your near future!


Photo: Rachel Bock

Photo: Rachel Bock


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