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Win one of many in our #WayOfLifeCrisis Contest! Way of Life is now available on iTunes:2nd-Week-Newsletter-Contest-Header.jpg

Two weeks ago, we hosted a contest on Facebook to see who could come up the best caption for a particularly embarrassing moment in one TGR athlete’s history. But this week, it’s your turn. Our #WayOfLifeCrisis Contest will host spontaneous contests on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr, as well as through our TGR newsletter and in the TGR forums, , so be sure to follow us on those platforms or register for the newsletter or forums if you haven’t already.

Want to win? You’ll have to be willing to bear some of the most embarrassing moments from your time on skis or a snowboard. Left your ski rack open while people try and chase you down in the parking lot? Fell getting off the chairlift or standing in the liftline? Claimed a run only to double eject on the first turn? Or did you get torn apart in the forums asking a ridiculous question? If any of those come to mind (and more), you’ll get a chance to win (but only if you’re following our various social media accounts, hint, hint…), and we’ll all get a chance to remember the truly ridiculous and hilarious moments that as much a part of our snow-addicted way of life as the best powder day.

Unfortunately, if you can’t imagine revealing your most embarrassing moments as a skier or snowboarder, you’ll simply have to plop down $12.99 for the HD digital download or $29.95 for the DVD & Blu-Ray combo pack.

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