Watch: Cape Fear's Biggest Wipeouts

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Red Bull's Cape Fear is heading to Shipstern Bluff, Tasmania, and if the teaser they put out on Instagram is an accurate preview of the event, there will surely be just as much carnage as years past.

And just in case you've forgotten some of those wipeouts, here's a little compilation for you:

Cape Fear is an invitation-only surfing event, and Shipstern Bluff has a stacked lineup of 20 brave souls ready to take on some gnarly slabs. The event waiting period opened on August 1 and will run through to the end of December, so these dudes have five months to try and score the best swell. Good luck to 'em!

Full list:

Mick Fanning (AUS), Russell Bierke (AUS), Ross Clarke-Jones (AUS), Jamie O-Brien (USA), Kai Lenny (USA), Pedro Scooby (BRA), Laurie Towner (AUS), Ryan Hipwood (AUS), Nathan Florence (USA), Billy Kemper (USA), Daniel Griffiths (TAS), Shaun Wallbank (TAS), James McKean (TAS), James Hollmer-Cross (TAS), Tyler Hollmer-Cross (TAS), Michael Brennan (TAS), Zebulon Critchlow (TAS), Brook Phillips (TAS), Marti Paradisis (TAS), Alex Zawadzki (TAS).

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