Watch: It's a Pow-Pocalypse at Alpine Meadows

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Californians have officially lost their shit. Just one week after video emerged of the madness of a rope drop at Snowbird in Utah, skiers and snowboarders in the Golden State upped the ante as a stampede of crazed skiers and snowboarders rushing towards the chairlifts at Alpine Meadows this past weekend. It's like an unstoppable Black Friday mob, except instead of chasing after discounted iPads the masses were running to 63 inches of fresh snowfall.

Honestly, I don’t blame them, it’s been pretty rough for the Sierra this year. After such an epic winter last season, this year’s snowpack has been at a quarter of it’s normal level before this most recent dumping.

That dramatic difference is enough to drive any sensible person into a powder-crazed state. So Californians—enjoy your much deserved snow—but please don’t trample the person in front of you trying to do so.

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