Watch: Ski The East Celebrates Good Ol' East Coast Pow

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For those who grew up on the West Coast—like myself—I always heard the stereotypical description that slopes back East were "icy." Well, you can thank the Ski The East team for exposing you sneaky liars. Sure there might be ice–BUT–everyone glosses over the fact that if you time it right, there's plenty of pow to be found too.

In their most recent edit of the "Promised Land" series, Ski The East also gets their fair share of pow, scoring big in Stowe, Vermont. Watch as the crew shreds pillowy powder stashes for days.

The series is part of a greater annual production by the STE crew to highlight and celebrate the rad culture of the East Coast. Filming Eastern delights like record-breaking storms in Vermont to rowdy park riding in Maine: It all looks fun.

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