Watch: Snowboarder Biffs it, Still Outruns Avalanche

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Typically, when we post videos of avalanches, they're of the "Oh, shit, that thing is so big it's jaw-dropping variety." But that's not what we have here.

Instead, the slide shown in the Instagram post shared by longtime pro and YES. Snowboards founder David Carrier Porcheron is relatively small in size, but still dangerous nonetheless.

"The other day was super fun," DCP captioned the above video. "On my third lap on same slope, I released a little slab that followed me down the mountain, gathering speed, strength and volume. Lucky for me, it didn’t send me over cliffs and exposure. Not much of a threat for burial but small slab avalanches can be quite dangerous if you are riding on exposed terrain . Be careful this spring!"

DCP was lucky–and skilled–enough to not only eat it coming off this backcountry Pemberton, BC feature, but as he says, if there's one lesson to take from this video it's this: Stay safe this spring.

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