Watch: The 'Numinous' Crash Reel is Heavy as Hell

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As we wrote about last week, there's an awful lot of physical pain that goes into putting together a Teton Gravity Research film. Our athletes (and filmers) often put themselves at great risk to get shots, and unfortunately, sometimes the law of averages wins out and our crew pays the price with their bodies.

But, we here at TGR obviously aren't the only production company in the industry, and we'd be remiss if we didn't show the toil that production companies endure to make their ski flicks. Which brings us to the above crash reel from Dendrite Studios' Numinous.

The film, which garnered Movie of the Year awards from Powder Magazine and Freeskier Magazine, was filled with astonishing shots of magnificent big mountain lines in British Columbia. But those shots clearly came at a price. So have a look and remember: It's not always all fun and games making ski films.

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