What It's Like To Survive An Avalanche With Jimmy Chin

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For anyone who spends time the in the backcountry, if you ask them what their biggest fear is they will probably answer with dying in an avalanche. It seems that with every passing week of the season we hear more tales of people getting slid and more deaths from these backcountry killers.

Sometimes, however, it is easy to fall in the mindset of "this could never happen to me." We rationalize this in ridiculous ways, "I'm to smart, good of a skier, attractive, a leo, had a balanced breakfast, etc. to get in an avalanche." The truth is it could happen to anyone.

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Look no further to one of the greats of the sport of ski mountaineering, Jimmy Chin. In this animation from VICE Sports, Chin details his harrowing account of being caught in an avalanche in the Tetons, a place he considers his backyard. The animation is a haunting mix of artistically striking and thematically terrifying, all in one package, and will hopefully serve as a reminder that none of us are immune to the dangers of the backcountry.

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