What Was Going Through Sammy Carlson's Head When Falling Off Massive Cliff

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We've been going through the Defend My Lines talks that TGR athletes get to do each year at the International Pro Riders' Workshop in December. So far we've heard Ian McIntosh talk about his viral fall down a steep spine, Sage's almost-landed domination of a demonic "Plan B" line, and Angel Collinson talk about falling down a couloir that was far firmer and icier than she anticipated.

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Sammy's pogo stick fall off an Alaskan cliff that was far bigger than the one he intended to jump off if is absolutely mental; it's a wonder he came out the other side unscathed. In his Defend My Line talk, Sammy explains how he ended up in a spot he didn't mean to be, and how he handled it once he realized he was in a bad, bad spot.

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