Why You Should Hit The Slopes On Super Bowl Sunday

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As Americans everywhere are prepping their heart-stopping snack recipes and donning their favorite team’s jerseys in preparation for this year’s Super Bowl Sunday, savvy snowboarders looking for a great day on the slopes are preparing to have the time of their lives. Rookies who have only hit the slopes a few times may be confused, but seasoned veterans know that as the entire nation tunes in to watch football, the best powder will remain untouched for some time, and that the days surrounding the 2018 Super Bowl will be a fantastic day to go snowboarding.

Taking advantage of football

It goes without saying that Super Bowl Sunday is always one of the biggest sporting events of the year; in 2017 alone, more than 111 million viewers tuned in to watch the Panthers and the Broncos duke it out, making it the fifth-most watched TV broadcast in human history. This year, as the nation’s living rooms fill up with rabid sports fans, snowboarders have a premium opportunity to hit the slopes that will be virtually empty by typical standards.

Ski resorts everywhere typically feel the pain when Super Bowl Sunday rolls around; like virtually every other non-football industry in the nation, ski resorts take a big hit as many of their would-be customers opt to stay inside and watch the big game instead. That means that snowboarders who are particularly dedicated to their craft will have empty resorts and open slopes all to themselves, and can expect to be lavishly attended to by resorts that have plenty of hands and resources available. Are you sick and tired of waiting in extraordinarily long lines? If so, the days immediately leading up to the Super Bowl halftime show might just be the perfect time for you to get some serious shredding in without having to worry about others being in the way.

Want to buy your tickets to the resorts early to ensure you have one of the coveted spots amongst snowboarders eager to hit the sparsely-populated slopes? Countless resorts already have you covered, and are offering awesome deals that rookies and veterans alike can cash in on. Some all-day lift tickets will be available across the nation for as low a price as $39, meaning you won’t just enjoy slopes that are virtually empty, but you’ll barely even have to pay for the privilege of noise-and-crowd-free skating and snowboarding.

A premium learning opportunity

These “game day sales”, particularly those offered by Liftopia, the biggest online marketplace for ski lift tickets in the US, will be particularly fleeting, and snowboarders who are willing to miss the football game shouldn’t miss this opportunity. America’s football holiday will leave most resorts with scant lines and untouched powder, making it perfect for rookies who are eager to learn the ropes without having to suffer the shame of wiping out in front of countless strangers.

While it’s true that every snowboarder inevitably faces a harsh wipeout on the slopes, it can be particularly unpleasant to learn the basics of snowboarding with unfamiliar faces around you. The fact that seasoned veterans who are in-the-know about Super Bowl Sunday’s empty resorts will be hitting the slopes alongside of you, too, means that you’ll have plenty of experts around to ask for help.

For those who don’t need the help of others and are just looking to get some time on the slopes in at a resort that’s not overly crowded, gameday offers the best opportunities to pull off particularly epic stunts that you normally have to save for later due to large crowds.

Can’t tear yourself away from your favorite team? Don’t worry; even if you’re a football fan, a late evening start to the big game will still provide you with ample opportunities to get some boarding in before turning in during the evening to find out who this season’s champions will be.

With almost one-third of the nation’s population kept on the edge of their seats inside by the riveting football game, Super Bowl Sunday is undoubtedly the best time of year for pros and newcomers alike to get some time in on the slopes. Countless deals that could see you save some serious cash only make the offer to go snowboarding during the big game even more enticing, and the reassurance that all the people you meet will be as passionate about snowboarding and skating as you are is the icing on the cake.

Don’t be afraid to check out the myriad of deals being offered around the US, and know that you can have the best of both worlds, too; with savvy planning, you just may be able to have a great day of snowboarding that concludes just in time to watch the game.

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