William Finnegan, Author of Barbarian Days, Pens His Take on Kelly's Wave Pool

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In a really not-so-odd twist of fate, the world’s best surf writer, William Finnegan, author of Barbarian Days, just wrote about the world’s best surfer creating the world’s best wave. Why is this a story? Because Kelly Slater is at the heart of it, and he created something artificial that possibly even bests the real thing. Like those who argued that artificial snow would ruin skiing, or that a mechanical lift was cheating, some people have taken offense to the creation while others have praised it.

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In a recent 8,000 word feature for the New Yorker, pulitzer prize-winning author William Finnegan penned his take on the debate which has suddenly taken the surf world by storm. He talks the ethics of surfing an artificial wave, fluid dynamics, the progression of the sport from the days of The Endless Summer to this current Mad Max dystopian era of surfing, playing god and Kelly Slater, among many other things. Read the article by Finnegan, and then read his book. They're both good, polished and smooth. Just like Kelly’s Wave.

Here's the link to the New Yorker piece

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