Woman Gets Bitten By Shark Her First Time In Ocean

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Fish are friends not food. Wikimedia Commons photo

Can you remember the first time you went in the ocean? The time you learned how to swim in the salt water's of Earth's great oceans? Mine is long gone to memory, just a foggy vision of a crowded beach in Rhode Island. For Colorado resident Jill Kruse, she won't soon forget the first time she entered the ocean.

While vacationing in Florida with her family Kruse was 10-minutes into her first ocean swim when she was attacked by a shark. “I was excited but also nervous at the same time, almost like I knew something was going to go wrong,” Kruse told Fox News Denver about her first time in the ocean.

After feeling a sharp pain in her leg, Kruse, in a moment superhuman strength, was able to unhinge the shark's jaws from her body. At this point, however, her leg was in bad shape. “I tried to walk back because I saw the pool of blood and knew I needed to get out of there, but I couldn’t stand,” she said.

Beach patrons pulled her from the water to safety but the true horror of the situations sank in when she looked down at her lower body. “My calf was ripped away from my bone so the muscle was hanging there. There was a big gash. Basically my muscle was hanging from my leg,” Kruse recalled.

Fortunately, the leg will not have to be amputated and Kruse will make a full recovery. We at TGR wish her a full and speedy rehab.

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