World Premiere JH part 1

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World premiere weekend comes and goes way too quickly. It's so much fun to have the whole TGR family together in one place to enjoy the fruits of all of our labors. The events started on Thursday night with 'the TGR family dinner.' Huge thanks to Lisa Watson and JHMR. Friday was the TGR Tee off, golf tournament Teton Pines. And Saturday was the World Premiere with after party at The Mangy Moose, with Random Rab and Panty Raid supplying some excellent entertainment! Keep checking back for some more blogs from the rest of the crew and from shows that haven't happened yet. The tour is now officially on its way to a city near you! Check it out!

** Dana and Flip taking the gondi to the TGR family dinner**

** Dana post gondi, 'where’s the snow?'**

** Kye dives into his first lobster ever.**

** Everyone loves the Lobsters**

** The TGR Crew & Athletes gave some top notch speeches. Cheers!**

** McIntosh lining up his shots at the TGR tee off.**

** Oh, right, we’re supposed to be playing golf!**

** Winners circle: Todd Jones, Seth Morrison, Jeremy Nobis, Todd Ligare**

** Flahr and Roner signing posters**

** Morrison throws swag...**

** ...Travis Rice catches it.**

** Athletes getting the crowd stoked for the film...**

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