WTF Product - Bluetooth Snowboard Bindings

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The XON SNOW-1 Binding. Cerevo Photo

Coming soon to an Apple store near you are the XON SNOW-1 snowboard bindings. These are the first bluetooth enabled bindings that provide a real-time analysis of your riding. Created by the Cerevo the company is known for creating network consumer devices like power outlets and keyboards. These bindings connect to your iOS or Android operating system providing real-time details like where you’re distributing your weight on the board, your acceleration and center of gravity.

Simulated information read out. Cerevo Photo

So now that this exists and is headed to the marketplace, my real question is: who the hell would use it? Most of the data that is recorded can be found using a simple iPhone app that cost a couple bucks as opposed to the projected retail price of $400-$600 for the XON SNOW-1. I have to confess that I am skier, so I am not as familiar with the intricacies of snowboarding, but I can't imagine a weight readout will drastically change how I would ride. So I'm asking my snowboarding brethren, would a product like this be a useful tool to improve how you ride?

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