Yawgoons Put Rhode Island Riding On The Map

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Hailing from the great state of Rhode Island, there was only one choice when my folks signed me up ski lessons- the one and only Yawgoo Valley. Boosting an astronomical vertical drop of 240 feet, this is where I cut my teeth as a skier. My parents would drop me off each Friday night to ski under the lights while they split a bottle of wine in the lodge. It was not long until my siblings and I were eager to move to the larger mountains of Vermont and New Hampshire.

Yawgoo always remained a running joke with my friends that skied back home. We always figured it was relegated to toddlers, distraught preteens, and stressful date nights. (my twin brother taught his girlfriend from New Jersey how to ski on a past Valentine’s Day). That was until I learned about the Yawgoons, a group of snowboarders who are showcasing some truly incredible and creative riding out of Rhode Island’s sole ski hill. Park edits are not usually something we showcase often at TGR but, you have to respect this crew. They prove that as long as you have snow and an open mind, a great time-as well as internet fame-can be had.

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