You Can Go Heli-skiing for $39 in Silverton, CO

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Those sweet heli turns we all dream of. Flickr Creative Commons photo.

Heli-skiing is pretty much every ski bum’s dream. Unfortunately for us, it's super expensive. Take Whistler Heli-Skiing for example – three runs will cost you $1050. We don't know about you, but most us don't tend to have an extra month's rent just lying around.

It looks like Silverton Mountain, however, is changing the game. The Colorado resort just announced that they are offering a one-time $39 heli drop, an exclusive Private Mountain Day, and 42 free days at partner resorts across the United States with the $149 Spring Unguided Pass.

So, for anyone dreaming of the chance to take a run helicopter-style, now may be your chance.

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