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Whistler Mountain photo.

The people, the skiing, and culture are equally as much of a draw when making the decision to make the move to a ski town. Whether you've lived in one for two months, or two decades, when it all boils down it's easy to agree on these ski town quirks we grow to love. To celebrate here are nine reasons when you know you live in a ski town.

#1) You get over half your daily calories from beer, not food

But you still eat like a horse.

I'm not saying you skimp out on eating, at least not when your budget allows it. But if we know one thing, it's that we drink in ski towns a lot. We know all the happy hours, 2-for-1 deals, and when our friends are bartending. Even with all this hustling, we will still spend a large amount of our small earnings on booze.

#2) You've spent a period of time living in a car, tent, or your friend's couch

#vanlife. Cyrus Sutton photo.

Sometimes this is a noble choice, inspired by the the nomadic life of van gods Cyrus Sutton and Foster Hunting, but in reality it is probably because rent is pretty damn expensive.

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This is especially true if you are one of the many individuals in the Teton Valley who literally couldn't find an open room. No matter what your reason, #vanlife is growing in popularity. Home is where you park it or so they say.

#3) You've dated all your friends, and your friends' friends

Let's not forget the girl to guy ratio in ski towns. Hillary Saunders photo.

The guy to girl ratio in a ski town is quite similar to a Slipknot concert. For every chick there are five bros in eager pursuit. Social circles are small so "cross pollination" in friend groups is highly likely. So ladies and gentleman alike- before you chase that next babe ripping on skis, make sure it is alright with your three friends who have already dated her.

#4) You're a dishwasher with a college degree

But your kitchen still looks like this. Ross Pomeroy photo.

A ski town is kind of like the show "Whose Line is it Anyway?", the rules are made up and the points don't matter. This means the guy who fits skis probably has an engineering degree, and your waitress can talk in just as much detail about the sub-prime mortgage crisis as today's specials.

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We all have those friends who despite their hard earned degrees, (whether it's business, english, or engineering), are earning their checks dishwashing at the local's favorite restaurants.

#5) You make zero dollars, you have zero dollars, and you're kind of okay with that

Total Available Balance: $3.97.

When balancing your checkbook means transferring $2.75 from your savings account to by a beer you know you might live in a ski town. Our jobs aren't glorious, we spend every extra penny after rent and food on more ski gear, and wouldn't give up this lifestyle for anything in the world.

#6) You have more skis than shoes, and you could aways use just one more pair (of skis)

I'll take five- of each. Erica Aarons photo. ON3P Skis.

Here is a list of skis that you need when you live in a ski town: early season rock skis, late season rock skis, nipple deep pow day skis, spring skis, skinny skis for gaper day, snow-blades, touring skis, daily driver skis, park skis, and so much more.

There is one golden rule about the amount of skis you own? Whatever you have plus one! We're not one to follow rules, but this is one we refuse to break.

#7) Your friends are either a professional skier, a professional photographer, or a professional bartender

See Also: Professional Drinkers.

If you ever thought you were a good skier, move to a place like Jackson Hole and prepare to eat a big ole' piece of humble pie. Get ready to ski with kids who where tossed down Corbet's as their third birthday present and have more sponsors than a NASCAR driver. Befriending someone who is a professional at what they do is not hard, trust me.

#8) Your bike costs more than your car

Who are we kidding, hot wheels are worth more than your car.

That car you got for your 16th birthday still runs (on a good day), but you don't really need it to anyway. Your bike is not only your primary form of transportation, but she's also your significant other. You two have shared sunrises and sunsets together and she's probably no more than 2 feet away from you at any given time- including in bed. Good luck explaining the grease stains on your sheets to your future girlfriend.

#9) Your knees are twenty years older than you are

Kaki Orr recovering from a torn ACL. PeakPT photo.

You probably spent half of last season on the side lines due to tearing your ACL, MCL, or both. Be careful when you're out there getting after it, our knees are really good at aging a lot faster than we are.


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