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The weather outside might be frightful, but that doesn’t mean your winter plans can’t be delightful. If you have no place to go, head on over to the Rocky Mountain region for tons of fun things to do in Utah. I know it’s not the state you might think when it comes to winter fun destinations, but rest assured that the state of Utah will give you more than your money’s worth. Let’s have a look at a few things this state has to offer. I guarantee that you will find something fun to do.

If we’re going to start this tour off right, we need head to the “home base”, so to speak. What do I mean? I mean of course, because what site would know better than the state’s own tourist site?

The Rocky Mountains:

You will recall me mentioning this mountain range in the introduction and if you know anything about these mountains, you know that they’re not just for show. There are a plethora of things that The Rockies are used for, including:



-Snowshoe Hikes


Yep, when you have The Rockies to look forward to, it’s all downhill from a good way!

Ice Skating:

You can’t have winter fun without it and Utah has got you covered. Slipping and falling on your face adds a whole new level of fun to your experience and in Utah, you can have fun falling on your face at either The Gallivan Center or resort side with a rink next to the slopes so that the passing skiers can laugh as you slip and slide with reckless abandon. It’s fun for you, your family, and everyone else.


With over 800 miles of cruising terrain and the chilling wind in your hair, you can be a hot rod in the cold, born to be mild. In all seriousness, driving a snowmobile is super fun and in Utah, you can make a whole vacation out of it with their customizable packages. You can drive for a day or for an entire week, covering every inch of the countryside with your trusty, metal steed. There isn’t much out there that will make you feel more alive than when you’re driving a snowmobile over 800 miles of a winter wonderland.

Apres Ski and Spa:

“There’s a spa!!???” Yes, there’s a spa, along with 11 different locations to get great food and drink after a long day of skiing.... or tumbling down a mountain, depending on your ability of course. Take the time to relax and warm up as you look back on all the fun you’ve had. Oh, did I mention that they sell alcohol? That’ll surely lift your spirits and make your day. Just promise to drink responsibly, ok? Neither I or the state of Utah will be held responsible for your reckless behavior. Ok then, let’s move on to the last attraction.


This happens to be my favorite part of the resort in Utah that I’ve totally been to before. These aren’t those tiny scale models that you see in stores. These castles are HUGE! Big enough to live in, if you’re the secret heir to the Eskimo kingdom. Gaze upon these artistic feats of architecture and tremble! Touch them! Admire them! Stick your tongue to them and see if it will stick! I assure you that this is a sight you don’t want to miss, so go see it and maybe shake the hands of those talented sculptors.

Well, what do you think? If you didn’t have winter plans before, you definitely should have one now. Check out Utah and have the time of your life in the majestic Rocky Mountains. Don’t forget to check out the ice castles.

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